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Air duct cleaning in San Diego

Are the vents in your home clean?

Contaminated air can carry a whole host of problems. From bacteria to allergens to mold spores, the air we breath is filled with harmful pollutants.

Over time, your ducting becomes a breeding ground for all sorts of contaminants.

Why do so many San Diego area residents appreciate our vent and air duct cleaning services? Here are a few of the advantages of routine duct cleaning:

  • Prevent the re-circulation of lingering odors through the home
  • Remove pollen, mold spores, and other allergens
  • Prevent vents from entrapping dust bunnies and cobwebs
  • Optimize cleaning to include difficult to access locations
  • Improve the efficiency of your HVAC system
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Through our regular duct cleaning services, we help San Diego residents enjoy the best possible indoor air quality at all times.

"Precision Temperature is who I call when my A/C is not working. They have been doing periodic maintenance on the two systems in my house which were 30 some years old and they got several extra years of life out of them.

We finally broke down and replaced both units this year and everything is working great!"
Jeff Krueger
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