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Since 1987, Precision Temperature has helped residents around the San Diego area keep their homes comfortable. We keep your HVAC system in top condition so it can help you combat those hot Southern California summers. We can replace your HVAC systems when they wear out, and we offer only the industry’s top brands as alternatives.

This is why we regularly recommend Trane™ HVAC products. Trane offers better functionality, efficiency, and reliability than other brands. If you have a Trane air conditioner in your home, you can count on the system to last for decades. You can also expect to reap the benefits listed below.


Learn More About the Advantages of Trane Products

Trane technicians meticulously design and augment every project they manufacture to stay ahead of the HVAC industry. Their products function better and last longer than others on the market, and you can depend on your Trane HVAC system to run at peak energy efficiency for years to come as well.

Trane HVAC Residential Unit


In addition to being meticulously designed, every Trane product has to endure rigorous testing. This testing ensures that every product can withstand extreme temperatures, extreme weather phenomena, and environmental factors like salt spray and other corrosives. These products also feature easy use and easy maintenance. We proudly recommend Trane products to all of our residential and commercial customers.

Famous monuments like the Saint Louis Arch, the Washington Monument, and the Australian Stock Exchange have benefitted from Trane’s cutting-edge technology. If you’d like to combat heat using the best HVAC system on the market, give Precision Temperature a call.

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To install Trane™ HVAC products in your home, call us at 619.588.5321 or email us using our online form. We also invite you to contact us with any questions about available Trane models, financing options, or installation requirements.

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