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A/C Quality Care Program

A/C Quality Care Program

San Diego boasts a lovely climate. However, sometimes those soaring summer temperatures can feel uncomfortable, and they can even become dangerous for those prone to heat stroke. If you can’t depend on your air conditioning unit to function throughout the summer, then you might want to consider joining Precision Temperature’s A/C Quality Care program.

This service goes more in-depth than any HVAC service you’ve ever received. We follow strict national guidelines and our own meticulous standards while we assess and repair your air conditioning unit. Our expertise can even make your A/C more efficient than ever, saving you money in the long run.

AC Quality Care

Take Advantage of Our Experience

When you sign up for our A/C Quality Care program, we’ll begin with our system assessment and improvement service. This service allows us to find your A/C system’s performance baseline. Once we know that baseline, we can help you make energy-efficiency improvements. This assessment and improvement service also helps us locate any flaws in your A/C system that might need repairs.

Our assessment service is a $300 value, but costs only $50 per system. And after we’ve performed this service, we can move on to additional improvements, like condenser coil cleaning, fan control installation, and air filter replacement. We’ll do everything we can to ensure your air conditioner runs as dependably and efficiently as possible. We’ll give you the confidence to face the summer knowing you’ll have your A/C to keep you comfortable.

Sign Up for Our A/C Quality Care Program Today

If you bought your air conditioning unit more than a year ago, then you can benefit from our A/C Quality Care program. To join our A/C Quality Care program, give us a call at 619.588.5321 today, or visit our contact page to fill out the online email form. We’ll gladly answer your questions about our services and rates as well as available assessment times.

Customer Testimonials

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Precision Temperature, thank you for your honesty and integrity. The level of service I received was first-class..

Stanley J. Krute

The estimator and his crew did an excellent job replacing our heater and a/c unit with attention to detail. We would highly recommend his service to others.

Ben and Marie Floridi

The staff treated me with dignity and respect, and made sure I was thoroughly satisfied. I highly recommend Precision Temperature for any of your Heating and Air Conditioning needs.

Brandon Self
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