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Commercial Air Conditioning Installation in San Diego

If you own a service business or manufacturing facility in San Diego County, then you will need air conditioning to keep your employees and clients comfortable. Precision Temperature specializes in the installation and maintenance of HVAC systems that most in-house maintenance departments lack the specific training and experience for. We can help you choose the system that is best-suited for your business.

Reliable Service at Your Convenience

Skilled technicians who care about the comfort of both your customers and employees can quickly and easily install your commercial air conditioning system. Precision Temperature sells and installs large cooling systems for businesses, institutions, and plants that are built by reputable manufacturers. We possess the equipment and expertise necessary to install mass-manufactured or custom units.

Comprehensive Installation Services

Precision Temperature’s dedication to providing superb customer service contributes to our success. Additionally, we offer some distinct advantages:

  • Obtain assistance from a local HVAC installer;
  • Quality service to any business within San Diego County Area;
  • Use skilled, licensed installation technicians to help preserve applicable product warranties and guarantees;
  • Emergency services that operate 24/7 to quickly solve problems and best fit your busy work schedule.

Quality Staff

Our technicians receive extensive training in HVAC installation, maintenance, and repairs so that they can provide you with well-rounded service. Today’s popularity of specialized A/C equipment offers benefits for companies relying upon our full-time, skilled contract installation services. We place an emphasis on safety and will not endanger your employees, business visitors, property, or ourselves.

We have taken the time to familiarize ourselves with the requirements for installing the most popular brands of commercial air conditioning and refrigeration systems and will pay close attention to the power demands of your plant and facilities. Installing these units correctly requires both attention to detail and a breadth of HVAC knowledge and installation skills.

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