Why is my air conditioner leaking water?

There’s nothing worse in the heat of the summer than a broken air conditioner. Except a broken air conditioner leaking water.

A broken A/C is a big issue, but so is water damage. And nobody likes to deal with both.

If you catch the leaking water fast enough, you should be able to prevent any damage to your home. But whatever you do, don’t ignore this issue.

Yes, it’s normal for air conditioners to sweat and create condensation, but it is never normal for this water to leak into your home.

How does an air conditioner work?

Your air conditioner works by passing warm air over an evaporator coil filled with cold refrigerant. The moisture in the warm air is removed and condensation forms on the coil, much like a cold glass of soda on a warm day.

That condensation has to go somewhere, so it drips into a drain pan and exits your home through a condensate line that was run through your walls during installation.

If everything is working properly, you should never see this condensenation, but it water is leaking from your air conditioner you have a problem with one of the following:

Six reasons your air conditioner is leaking water

1. Your condensate line is clogged

The most common reason for an air conditioner that is leaking water is a clogged condensate line.

The condensate line clogs due to dust, dirt, sludge, or mold build up in the pipes. The buildup occurs mostly due to a poor air filter.

If your filter isn’t working properly and is allowing particles to enter your air conditioning system, these particles are then getting stuck to the evaporator coil.

As the condensation leaks down into the drain pan, it takes the dirt it with. Dirt that gets stuck in the line can accumulate over time and clog your lines.

2. Your drain pan is cracked or damaged

Another common reason for a leaky air conditioner is a cracked drain pan. Before the water can ever make it to the condensate line, it could be falling through an opening in a broken drain pan.

You’ll need to replace it if this is your problem.

3. Your condensate pump is broken

For most San Diegans, this won’t be an issue, as your system only has a condensate pump if your air conditioner or furnace is located in a basement.

The water collected in the drain pan then needs to be pumped up to ground level to remove the water from you home.

If the pump is broken, the water can’t go anywhere and will overflow.

4. Your drain line is disconnected

If the contractor you hired to install your air conditioner was less than reputable or gave you a steep discount on the competition, there’s a chance for complications from an inferior installation.

One such problem could be that the drain line was not correctly installed or connected.

Always be sure to contact a trustworthy and reputable HVAC company. An air conditioner is a sizable investment, and you want it done right.

Even if your drain line was installed properly, it can come loose over time.

Air Conditioner leaking water

5. Your refrigerant is leaking

One the possible causes for and air conditioner that is leaking water is a system that is low on refrigerant.

But refrigerant isn’t like gas for your car. It doesn’t get used up. Refrigerant is in a closed system inside your A/C and is circulated throughout the lifespan of your unit.

When your refrigerant is low, the evaporator coil will ice up because of improper pressurization in the lines. As this begins to melt, your drain pan will overflow, causing your air conditioner to leak.

The only way for you refrigerant to be low, though, is if you have a leak in your system.

Leaks are a “when” not an “if” scenario. Due to wear and tear and the high pressure in the lines, the tubing eventually wears down and cracks appear, allowing refrigerant to escape.

Recharging your system without fixing the leak is throwing your money away. If you suspect a leak in your system, call a professional.

You can help prevent refrigerant leaks by keeping pets away from your outdoor condenser as pet urine can degrade the coils. And regular preventative maintenance before each major season will allow you to spot potential problems before they became major issues.

6. Your air filter is dirty

Similar to the problem above, if your air filter is extremely dirty, it will prevent sufficient air flow through your system.

This causes the evaporator coils to freeze up and the same result occurs where the excess ice melts and overflows the drain pan.

Is your air conditioner leaking water?

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