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Heating Maintenance in San Diego

Cars, teeth, and furnaces.

What do these three things have in common? They all require regular check-ups.

Most people are well aware that you need an oil change every 3,000 miles and that you should get your teeth cleaned once every 6 months. But more times than not, A/Cs and furnaces get forgotten.

Your HVAC system depends on annual maintenance to keep it running efficiently and for as long as possible. If you haven’t had heating maintenance performed on your furnace within the last year, schedule an appointment today.

Reasons Heating Maintenance is Important

Without regular maintenance, your furnace will become more and more inefficient with each passing year. This means your home doesn’t get as warm, takes longer to heat, and increasing your energy bills. Here is a just a few reasons that heating maintenance is important:

1. Heating maintenance reduces energy usage
2. It prevents expensive repairs
3. It keeps your manufacturer’s warranty valid
4. Maintenance extends the life of your furnace
5. It keeps you comfortable by producing heat when you want it
6. Heating maintenance keeps you safe from carbon monoxide

For a few list of the benefits, check out our 8 reasons why maintenance is important.

The Heating maintenance Process

Wondering what’s involved with your heating maintenance? Here are the steps we take to ensure your furnace is working properly and at optimum efficiency:

1. Replace the filter and clean the air grill.
2. Inspect the heat exchanger and burners for damage that causes carbon monoxide
3. Inspect the gas valve for leaks
4. Check the wiring and electrical components for proper operation
5. Clean the burners
6. Check for proper ignition
7. Lubricate the motor if needed
8. Inspect the ducting and the flue pipe for proper connections or obstructions

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