3 Ways That Air Scrubbers Improve Your Health

Poor air quality can cause discomfort and may even prove harmful, which is why continually maintaining air quality is so important.

People who suffer from allergies, or those who endure certain health conditions, frequently encounter difficulty in homes that lack a clean air flow.

Air scrubbers offer a helpful solution for some poor indoor air quality problems. These systems, often engineered to form an integral part of a residential HVAC system, help remove particulates, dust, and other debris from interior air.

They function as sophisticated air purification machines. Consider these three ways that air scrubbers promote the daily health and vitality of residents:

1. Improve Air Quality by Removing Circulating Debris

The United States Environmental Protection Agency urges homeowners to take proactive measures to maintain a good quality of indoor air.

The agency recommends circulating fresh air from outdoors through the premises and using air purifying technology to remove pollutants.

Sophisticated air scrubbers that help eliminate circulating gases such as formaldehyde from new furniture are widely popular in today’s market.

These HVAC cleaning units also help remove dust, paint particles, sawdust, and other debris sometimes discovered in homes following construction projects.

2. Help Maintain the Lifespan of HVAC Filters

Air scrubbers perform another important function, too.

These devices usually help protect or supplement the operations of centralized home and industrial heating and cooling equipment.

By removing circulating debris from the air, they perform a beneficial role in assisting the operation of air conditioning filter systems.

In fact, many air scrubbers include extensive HEPA filters of their own.

Easing the burden of an HVAC unit’s built-in filter assists the efficient operation of this expensive equipment.

Some manufacturers design air scrubbers to work in conjunction with specific central air conditioning and heating brands.

3. Contribute to Odor Elimination

Although not the chief function of most air scrubbers, these units indirectly also contribute to improving air quality by helping to eliminate some lingering odors from the premises.

Consider the impact of dirty air; it typically includes many circulating dust particles and other material which may carry pungent odors.

To the extent air purifying technology helps reduce the particulate burden of indoor air, it also promotes the circulation of fresher, odor-free air.

Maintaining the air scrubber’s capability to perform this role matters to many property owners.

It usually makes sense to ask your HVAC technician to replace air scrubber HEPA filters during visits to conduct routine maintenance on a central cooling and heating system.

Obtaining an Air Scrubber

If your HVAC system lacks an air scrubber or uses an outdated model, then it is recommended that you obtain new equipment.

There are a variety of HVAC companies who can help you find the right model for your home and help you maintain your system so that its longevity is not cut short from neglect.

Being proactive and seeking services before a problem arises will allow your air quality to stay its purest at the lowest price.

Consider adding an air scrubber to your home so that its guests will always feel comfortable.


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