6 Signs You Need A/C Repair Services

Summer is coming, and if your A/C isn’t working as well as it could, you might be wondering whether you just need an A/C maintenance, or if it’s a more serious issue requiring an A/C repair.

Here is 6 signs that your air conditioner might need an A/C repair.

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Signs you need A/C repair

1. Your A/C won’t turn on

If your A/C won’t turn on, there’s a few things you can try before calling an HVAC repair company like Precision Temperature.

The first would be to check your thermostat, circuit breaker, or disconnect switch. If everything looks good with all three of those. Check for ice on the coil. If ice is present, let it thaw.

If after it’s thawed, the problem still persists, there could be greater issues present.

It could be due to any number of problems, but most likely a part is broke and will need to be repaired. It’s time to call the professionals.

2. Your A/C is blowing warm air

If you’re A/C is blowing warm air, we’ll assume that you’ve already made sure your thermostat is set to COOL instead of HEAT.

The most likely cause of your A/C not producing cold air is that it lacks the necessary refrigerant to perform the cooling function.

Refrigerant is not like gas in your car. It doesn’t run out or get low. If your system is out of refrigerant, it means there’s a leak in the refrigerant lines and will need to be repaired.

This is not something you can do on your own, and you should call an A/C repair company.

Does warm air mean it’s always low on refrigerant? No, the outside coil could just be very dirty. Regular preventative maintenance can avoid this problem from happening.

While you could clean the coil yourself, we’d recommend having your annual A/C maintenance performed by a professional to ensure everything else is working as it should.

3. Your A/C is making noise

Air conditioners are noisy pieces of machinery. If you’ve owned a central air system for any length of time, you know that some loudness is par for the course with this type of system.

But what about noises that are out of the ordinary?

Noises like banging, clanking, clicking, buzzing, or squealing. None of these sounds are normal for your A/C and warrant your attention.

In almost every case where noises are occurring in your A/C, a part has come loose.

Over time, the parts in your A/C will age. Repeated use and vibration can cause parts to shift, turn, or otherwise loosen.

Even if you think you know which part is causing the problem, it’s highly recommended for you to call a professional for A/C repair to disassemble the machine properly for adequately accessing the loose part.

A/C repair of loose part

4. Your A/C smells bad

There are a number of causes for bad smells coming from your A/C, and it’s helpful to determine which scent your smelling for diagnosing your A/C repair problem.

If your A/C smells like exhaust fumes, it’s likely that your A/C is leaking refrigerant and the refrigerant is being burned up, causing the smell. This problem will be accompanied by your A/C losing it’s cool air over time as more refrigerant is lost.

If the odor smells like something is burning, this is most likely an electrical component that’s gone bad. Turn off your system and contact an A/C repair company, like Precision Temperature, immediately.

The next smell to be aware of is rotten eggs. This likely indicates that a rodent has made its way into your system and died. See if you can identify which duct it’s coming from and whether or not you can see the rodent after removing the vent.

5. Your A/C is leaking water

The primary reason that your A/C is leaking water is a clogged drain line or drain pan. Air conditioners use a process that passes air over cold coils to remove the heat from the air. In this process, moisture collects as the temperature of the air is lowered.

This is normal.

The water collects into a drain pan, runs down to the drain line and out of your home safely.

If either of those two parts is clogged, cracked, or broken, then water will escape your air conditioner and spread into your home through the walls or ceiling.

If you notice any wet spots that can’t be explained by any other problems, it could be related to your air conditioner. You’ll need to call an A/C repair company to help you with this issue.

6. Your A/C is getting old

This option is sort of a “catch all.” It means that if your air conditioner is old and is having difficulties, the problems could be related to it’s age.

Air conditioners have a 10-year manufacturer’s warranty on them for a reason. The manufacturer doesn’t expect anything will go wrong in the first ten years. But after that?

The average lifespan of an A/C is 15 years. If your air conditioner is over 15 years old, there’s a chance that it’ll be cheaper to replace your A/C than it will be to repair.

A/C replacement

Yes, yes, I understand that a $7,000+ piece of equipment is more expensive than a repair. But as your system ages, breakdowns become more frequent and more expensive.

As a rule of thumb, if your A/C repair costs more than 25% of your total system cost, you’re better off replacing over repairing.

Precision Temperature offers free A/C replacement estimates. Give us a call if you’re interested in this option.

A/C repair experts

While there are a few things you can do for the A/C problems listed above that will avoid an A/C repair cost, most of them will need to be solved by a professional.

Precision Temperature has been serving San Diego with A/C repair services since 1987. Give us a call today at 619-588-5321 to schedule your appointment.

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