Ways to Disguise Your Outdoor A/C Unit

While a central A/C system offers the most efficient and cost-effective cooling, the exterior unit and equipment can often be an unwelcome addition to a home’s exterior. From well-placed shrubs to an ornate trellis or eye-catching vertical garden, there are plenty of clever ways for homeowners to disguise their A/C unit. By concealing their HVAC system, homeowners will be able to create and maintain a more attractive exterior, one that can help to enhance the curb appeal of a property and may even boost the market value of a home without having to sacrifice their household comfort.

Tall Shrubs and Low Trees

A line of bushes or a few low-hanging trees are one of the simplest ways to disguise any A/C unit or other types of climate control equipment that may be causing problems. Bushes, shrubs and trees can also help to improve the overall look and feel of an exterior environment, enhance the level of privacy homeowners will be able to enjoy or even to shade key areas of the home in order to reduce cooling costs. When using shrubs or trees in order to disguise an A/C unit, complete concealment may not always be necessary. Obscuring the unit from view along a single angle or even simply using plants and trees to break up its silhouette may be all that is needed in order to improve the exterior appearance of the home.

Vines and Climbing Plants

Shrubs and trees are not always the most viable option for disguising an A/C unit and issues like soil conditions, irrigation needs, and other concerns could make them a real liability. Vines and other climbing plants that may require very little top soil or that can thrive with minimal care and watering can be an ideal alternative for property owners who are still interested in using greenery to conceal their climate-control setup and equipment. A trellis, fence, or other barrier will be needed to provide support and all climbing plants should be positioned far enough away from the unit that debris or encroachment will not interfere with equipment operation.

Fencing and Privacy Screens

Greenery is not the only option available to homeowners and fences and screens can do just as well without the vines or ivy. Extending a backyard privacy fence in order to create a full or partial enclosure for an outdoor A/C unit is a very effective way to ensure that climate-control equipment will not have a detrimental impact on the landscape as a whole. The addition of a privacy screen, especially one that has been designed to match or compliment other outdoor installations can provide an eye-catching highlight that will be a welcome addition to its surroundings.

Protecting Equipment

Exterior A/C units are rugged enough to withstand the elements, but that does not mean that they are indestructible. Ensuring that drainage issues, fallen branches and leaves and other debris that may accumulate once the unit has been obscured from view is not a concern that should go overlooked. When fencing off an A/C unit with a privacy screen, trellis or similar installation, property owners may wish to create a protective enclosure, especially when it comes to outdoor areas that may be the site of rambunctious play or lively outdoor activities.

From selecting and installing the best A/C unit to finding strategic ways to disguise your new outdoor system, it is important that homeowners use due diligence with their HVAC system. Routine maintenance and continual care for your system will not only extend its longevity but save you time and money. Proper care and professional solutions mean that upgrading an A/C unit or disguising existing equipment can be done with far greater ease.

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