The furnace tune up and why you need one

What is a furnace tune up?

A furnace tune up is just like what it sounds. It’s intended to adjust and “tune” your furnace so that it remains in good, working order.

Sometimes we call this preventative maintenance.

You get preventative maintenance on all of things without really thinking about it.

From changing the oil in your car to visiting the doctors for a wellness visit.

Repairs are expensive and ignoring potential issues increases the risk of these costly events occurring.

couple looking at expensive bill

For instance, if you had a cough, but didn’t go to the store and buy some cough syrup, you might find yourself with an even worse medical issue a week or month later.


Well, what started out as a cough made your body susceptible to other diseases, so when you shook hands with that guy with the flu, you got it too.

Your furnace works in a similar way.

If you ignore the knocking sound, or the smell, or whatever else, you may find that the little issue causes a big one and now your whole furnace is ruined.

But what if you could prevent that cough (or furnace issue) to begin with?

A furnace tune-up, or preventative maintenance, is designed to prevent those problems from starting in the first place.

No, a furnace tune-up isn’t a panacea.

It’s not going to guarantee a problem doesn’t start a day, a week, or a month later.

But what it does is give your furnace the optimum chance it has of a long and healthy life.

So what exactly is involved in a furnace tune up?

What's involved in your furnace tune up?

Our Furnace Tune up checklist

A furnace tune-up keeps your unit in tip-top shape and spots potential issues before they become problems. We’ll even make modifications to improve your unit’s efficiency.

The biggest items on the furnace tune-up checklist include:


We clean everything: the unit itself, blower, fan blades, and drain line. These all get dirty over time. In particular, the coil is responsible for the temperature of the air in your home and requires a professional cleaning to avoid damaging the system.


We’ll have a look at your whole unit, inside and out, keeping an eye out for cracks, wear and tear, and other signs of use that might cause furnace problems in the future.

We’ll also have a look at your air vents to make sure there’s no blockage or leaks.

A ducting leak might not seem like much, but it means hot air meant for your house is being lost into the floorboards, costing you more money.


A leaking air conditioner might leave a wet spot, but a leaky furnace can mean gas and fumes are getting into your home. In addition to pressure testing the fuel lines, we’ll test the airflow, thermostat calibration, pilot and igniter, and more.


Just like your car needs clean oil to run effectively, your furnace needs lubrication so all the moving parts keep moving. If they dry out, the motor can be damaged.

Air Filter

We’ll replace your air filter (up to 1″ thick) to keep your system running as efficiently as possible.

furnace is blowing cold air because the air filter is dirty

Dirty air filters mean your system has to work harder, and the harder it works, the faster it wears down and the more it costs you. Both in the short term (energy bills) and in the long run (repairs).

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