How Much Does a New Furnace Cost to Replace in 2022?

Your furnace is acting up, or maybe it’s just old. Now you’re looking for a new furnace, but how much does a new furnace cost to replace?

That’s the question you’re asking yourself, and you’d think it would be simple to find out. Right?

So you type “new Rheem furnace” into Google and what to do you get?

The top result is the Rheem manufacturer website. It doesn’t have any prices listed, just wants you to call a contractor.

Then you see a list of Google Shopping items, but wow the prices vary from $1,500 at Wal-Mart to $3,500 at National Air Warehouse.

Once you dive into it in a little more detail, you determine there are all sorts of furnaces. 80% or 95%? Horizontal, Vertical, or Multi-position? 40,000 BTU or 120,000 BTU? What do you need?

All you want to know is how much does a new furnace cost to replace?

Is that so hard to ask?

How Much Does a New Furnace Cost to Replace

How Much DOES a New Furnace Cost to Replace?

You’re beginning to realize that answering “how much does a new furnace cost to replace” is more complicated than it seems.

Don’t worry!

We are going to give you hard and fast numbers for 2022, but there is some foundational information we have to talk about first.

What are the best furnace brands?

Perhaps a question you should ask yourself at the beginning is what furnace brand do you actually want to use?

Are some furnace brands better than others?

And perhaps maybe even more importantly, is your A/C in need of replacement, too?

The reason for the last one is that it’s best to replace the whole HVAC system together if you can. That way you’re not operating with a brand new furnace, but a 20-year old A/C. The two do work together and share the same ventilation, air filter, and air flow system.

Another question you might be asking is if your A/C and furnace brands need to match? The technical answer is “no” they don’t need to match. But it is highly recommended as brands design their equipment to work together.

So what are the best brands?

Today, the best furnace brands are Trane, Rheem, Ruud, Goodman, Amana, Bryant, Daikin, Lennox, and Carrier.

Countless other brands exist–many at a cheaper price point–but don’t sacrifice quality and comfort for a cheaper price tag. We recommend sticking with trusted brands which decades of service of dependability.

What size furnace do I need?

The next important question to ask even before “how much does a furnace cost to replace” is what size furnace you actually need.

Did you know that furnaces differ based on efficiency, power load, size, and position?

Do you need a 95% 80,000 BTU 17″ Vertical Upflow or an 80% 40,000 BTU 14″ Horizontal furnace?

Did I lose you?

I almost lost myself there, too.

Furnaces are complicated and knowing what size furnace you need is not your job. It’s ours.

Precision Temperature is a heating and air conditioning company that’s been serving San Diego since 1987. We replace and install furnaces and air conditioners for residential homes as well as large commercial businesses.

Having intimate knowledge about furnaces and what best fits your home is what we do best.

Why it’s important to get the right furnace size

If your home is 800 sqft, it doesn’t need nearly as much power as a home that is 1,500 sqft. If your home is much larger than that, you’ll likely need more than one furnace to heat your whole home.

Suppose you put a furnace that is meant for a small home on your larger home. What do you think is going to happen?

You’re absolutely right!

Your furnace is not going to be strong enough and your house will likely be cold. The opposite problem can happen, too. If your furnace is overpowered, your home will heat up too fast.

But is that really a problem?


You’re probably aware that every time you turn on your car, it eats up more gas than it does to just stay running. The same is true of your furnace. When it’s overpowered, your system stops and starts A LOT. This adds wear and tear on the system, shortening it’s lifespan, and costs you more in monthly energy bills.

At Precision Temperature, we offer free estimates customized for your home. If you live in San Diego County, gives us a call today to schedule your appointment.

How much does a new furnace cost to replace in 2022?

But let’s get back on topic. You want to know “how much does a new furnace cost to replace?”

While I can’t tell you exactly what the cost to replace your own furnace is, I can give you general ballpark ideas.

Before we dive into the numbers, it’s helpful to understand that the cost of a furnace you see on Google Shopping is actually the cost to purchase the equipment alone, and not the price to install it, ensure it passes inspection, warranty it, and guarantee it.

With that expectation properly set, here is what an average furnace installation might cost (prices vary by state and company):

The cheapest, most basic Rheem furnace installation would cost around $6,000

The most expensive, fanciest Rheem furnace with all the bells and whistles would cost around $9,000 installed.

So that means a ballpark range for furnace installation for the average customer without any special circumstances or problems is between $6,000 and $9,000.

“Whoa, whoa, whoa,” you say. “I thought Wal-Mart had a furnace for sale for $1,500?”

Right. Just the furnace. Without mark-up (because companies have to make a profit). Without labor (because companies have to pay their workers). Without testing (because the government requires it). And without warranties (you want the installation company to fix it if it breaks, right?).

What about discounts?

Everyone loves discounts. How do discounts factor into pricing?

A 10% discount for new customers or military personnel is pretty standard in the HVAC industry. Plus, some places, like Precision Temperature, offer cash discounts if you’re paying by check.

This is because we don’t have to pay credit card processing fees or financing charges if you pay with cash.

Those two factors could potentially lower the cost of a furnace installation an additional $1,000. And if you bundle your furnace replacement with a new air conditioner? You could be looking at a full system replacement for as little as $10,000-$12,000.

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