7 Reasons HVAC Maintenance is Important

Dentists, oil changes, and HVAC maintenance. What do these things have in common?

Recurring services.

You either love them, or you hate them.

And if we’re being honest, just about everyone hates them.

Of course, we’re talking about things that need regular check-ups on a monthly, semi-annual, or annual basis.

You go to the dentist every 6 months, visit the doctor once a year, and get an oil change every 3-6 months.

And if we’re honest again, some of us probably push those limits time and time again.

Am I right?…..

Am I right?

The problem with putting off regular appointments is that these services are necessary for the overall health of not only us, but the things we possess.

One of those possessions that need regular maintenance is your HVAC system.

What happens when you avoid the dentist?

You get cavities.

What happens when you skip your oil change?

Your car stops running (sometimes violently so).

What happens when your HVAC system breaks?

Well, you’re either forced to sweat, freeze, or have your unit serviced immediately, oftentimes at night or over the weekend when emergency fees apply.

Regular HVAC maintenance should be part of your annual budget, and here’s why:

Reasons for regular HVAC Maintenance

1. Longer Lasting System

Regular dentist visits make sure you aren’t prematurely wearing dentures. Oil changes keep your engine purring like a cat instead of roaring like a lion.

Likewise, regular maintenance ensures that your unit stays in top performance condition.

By taking care of your investment, you could increase its life expectancy by up to 40%.

2. Lower Energy Bills

A properly running and well maintained HVAC system means it uses less power to operate.

Less power = Less money.

Pretty basic math even my 5-year old can do!

3. Cleaner Air

Does your air filter look more like the first image than the second one?

Dirty air filter
regular HVAC maintenance

Regular maintenance ensures that your air filter is not only clean, but fitted properly and in position to provide you with the cleanest, freshest air possible.

Lack of regular maintenance…

…well, it kind of speaks for itself.

4. Better System Efficiency

Picture this, there’s a sudden heatwave and it’s crazy hot. You hadn’t run your air conditioner because the temperatures have been manageable up until now.

You turn on your unit and it’s blowing hot air.

Oh no!

You decide to wait a few minutes and see if it improves…

…and it does.

But just barely.

After a full hour, it’s finally working properly, but it just can’t keep up with the crazy heat demands of the summer sun and you’re still swimming in perspiration.

You shouldn’t have to suffer in your own home. That’s your bastion. Your place of comfort. Your mini-kingdom.

Regular HVAC maintenance ensures your unit is efficient and works when you want it to.

5. Fewer Emergencies

Nobody likes emergencies.

But, unfortunately, they do happen from time to time.

The goal is to keep them at a minimum.

Don’t let a basic issue turn into a major expense simply because you were too cheap/lazy/careless (you pick the adjective) to get preventative maintenance on your investment.

And let’s get this straight: it is an investment.

You likely spent anywhere from $6,000 to $12,000 on your air conditioner, maybe more.

That’s the price of a small car–a car you’re probably getting regular maintenance on. And a car you might not even have 10 years from now.

But your HVAC system, if you take care of it, will last you decades.

We would know. We just changed out a 35-year old unit last week.

That could be you with the proper care.

HVAC maintenance on old air conditioner

6. Safer Home

Damaged HVAC systems are not only inefficient, cause higher energy bills, result in dirtier air, and cost more money, but they’re also dangerous.

A system leaking refrigerant poses environmental risks while a cracked heat exchanger could mean health problems for you and your family.

Broken heat exchangers leak carbon monoxide.

I don’t need to tell you what kind of problems that causes.

7. Peace of Mind

Above all, peace of mind might just be the most valuable benefit on this list.

Sure, it doesn’t have any direct statistical gain, but that’s because knowing you’re covered and not having to worry is like those old Mastercard commercials: priceless.

What does HVAC Maintenance include?

1. Thermostat calibration

We’ll calibrate your thermostat to ensure accuracy. We may also recommend installing a programmable smart thermostat if one isn’t already present.

Woman programming thermostat

2. Lubrication

Your heating and air conditioning unit contains lots of moving parts. The constant rubbing of these parts causes them to wear out.

We’ll lubricate your system, creating a more efficient, smoother, and quieter unit.

3. Cleaning coils

Dirty condenser and evaporator coils reduce the efficiency of your HVAC system.

We’ll clean both coils, reducing system run-time, lowering your electric bill, as well as enhancing airflow, increasing comfort, and improving indoor air quality.

4. Replacing the air filter

See the air filter pictures a few sections above.

Enough said.

5. Connection check

We’ll make sure that both your fuel lines and your condensate drain is properly connected.

The former eliminates fire and toxic hazards while the latter prevents water overflow from damaging your floors and ceilings.

How often should maintenance be performed?

The answer to this one is a little varied as it really depends on the age of your system.

If your unit was just installed last year, then you shouldn’t need as much maintenance.

In that situation, Precision Temperature recommends a yearly tune-up, ideally before the major usage season, aka summer.

You should perform this tune-up sometime between April and June when HVAC companies aren’t busy with summer or winter emergencies.

For everyone else, we’d suggest a minimum of two tune-ups a year.

One is the spring to get your AC ready for summer.

And another in the fall to get your heater ready from winter.

Some companies will try to tell you that you need upwards of four tune-ups a year. That’s a bit overkill in our opinion.

If your unit needs that much service, maybe it’s just best to replace the whole system?

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