What does HVAC stand for?

One of the most common question we see is what does HVAC stand for?

To take it one step further, Precision Temperature is an HVAC/R company. So what does the “R” represent as well?

HVAC stands for Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning.

The R in HVAC/R is for Refrigeration.

Precision Temperature specializes Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning, and Commercial Refrigeration.

Let’s break down each one of those items individually.


The first letter in HVAC stands for Heating.

Our heating services include a variety of items.

The most common form of heating service we provide is central heating or whole home heating.

We not only repair broken furnaces and heaters, but we specialize in furnace installation and replacement.

Aside from central heating, Precision Temperature can also fix/replace your gravity wall heater, floor furnace, and mini-split systems.


The V in HVAC is for Ventilation.

Every heating and air conditioning system has ventilation.

In addition to installing or replacing your ductwork, we also can clean your air ducts.

Without proper maintenance, your ventilation can be a breeding ground for bacteria, mold, dust mites, and animal dander.

Your air conditioner or furnace then propel those contaminates through your home via the air vents.

Here’s the difference between and dirty and clean air duct:

Air Conditioning

The most popular reason to call an HVAC contractor, at least in San Diego, is for air conditioning.

From central air to window units and from maintenance to installation, we do it all.

Whether you have a built in wall air conditioner, a window unit, central air, or a mini-split, Precision Temperature is there for you.

Our technicians are trained to repair all makes and models.

For installations, Precision Temperature trusts America’s #1 brand, Trane, for all our new air conditioners.

A/C replacement


To be more specific, Precision Temperature is a Commercial Refrigeration contractor.

This means that we work on commercial equipment, not that the equipment needs to be on commercial property.

What’s that mean?

It means that if you have a commercial grade refrigerator or walk-in wine cooler in your home, we can fix it.

We also install and repair ice machines, walk-in coolers and freezers, food prep tables, display cases, chest freezers, beer coolers, and more.

Precision Temperature is San Diego’s premiere commercial refrigeration provider. We service more than half of the McDonald’s across the county as well as all Luna Grills, Denny’s, and Baskin Robbins.

Do you need an HVAC contractor?

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One of our friendly staff is waiting to take your call 24/7/365.

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