Commercial HVAC/R Financing

Times are tough, but we want you to know that Precision Temperature is here for you.

To help you save money and keep more cash in your pocket, we’re running two different programs to assist all of our commercial clients with their HVAC and refrigeration systems.

No Payments for 90 Days

The first offer we have for you is our No Payments for 90 Days Program. This allows you to acquire the HVAC and Refrigeration equipment you need now with no money down and no payments for 90 days.

Let’s face it. We’re finding ourselves in a catch-22.

Cashflow is low and when your equipment breaks down you need to replace it, but don’t have the funds to do so. Yet, without your crucial HVAC or refrigeration equipment you’ll have to close entirely.

That’s where our No Payments for 90 Days program can help. The program is available for equipment over $5,000. Labor is included in the total cost.

We’ll come replace your system so you can get back up and running as quickly as possible, but you won’t have to pay a dime for 90 days.

No Payments for 90 Days v2

Even after those 90 days are up, we’ll help keep your costs low with our 60-month financing plan. Monthly payments starting as low as $126/month.

The best part? The cost of your equipment is eligible for a Section 179 tax write-off.

The Baker's Dozen

In addition to our 60-month financing options, we also have a 13-month payment plan available. This is our second program available to you, and it’s called the Baker’s Dozen.

Here’s how it works: We take the cost of your equipment and divide it by 12 and that’s your monthly payment. The 13th payment is to cover interest.

  • Term Length: 13 Months
  • 1st and last payment due in advance
  • $1 Buy Out Purchase Option
  • Minimum transaction size of $10,000

Ready to schedule your appointment?

If you’re interested in either of our financing plans, give us a call at 619-588-5321 for more information or to schedule your free replacement quote.

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