How to afford the cost of an A/C

Have you ever received an A/C replacement estimate or looked up the cost of an A/C in San Diego?

If so, you’ve probably seen numbers over $10,000. How does anybody afford that?

That’s what we’re here to talk about.

Of course, there are ways to avoid having to replace your A/C entirely. We’ve already talked about that, which is keeping your existing system up to date with preventative maintenance care.

Today, we’re going to cover how to make the cost of an A/C more affordable for average folks like you and me.

What is Financing?

Pretty simple question, right? You’re probably familiar with financing. Just about every major expense in our life involves monthly payments from your house to your car to…yes, even your HVAC system.

HVAC financing involves a lot of details that goes over my head, but let’s break it down into ways that I understand, and hopefully that helps you out as well.

Financing, at it’s most basic concept, involves me spreading out the cost of my purchase into regular payments until it’s paid off. Those payments might last 6 months or 12 years.

They might be “same as cash” meaning there’s no interest, or they might have certain interest rates that only apply if I can’t pay it off within a certain time frame.

You’re familiar with the latter in the form of credit cards.

If you can pay off the card before the end of the month, then there’s no interest charge. The same applies to certain financing terms.

Even if you enter into a 6 year contract, you do have the option to pay it off earlier, thus avoiding those interest fees.

HVAC Financing

So what about financing options for your HVAC system? Does every contractor offer financing?


Not every contractor offers financing, but the good news is that Precision Temperature does!

That means you can get a brand new A/C for as low as $75/month. But of course not every plan is going to allow you to get that low, and not every person can reach that amount even on the lowest option due to system size.

So what is the average cost of an A/C on an HVAC financing payment plan?

Somewhere around $125/month.

That might sound like a lot until you remember that your Ford F150 costs you $540/month and your mortgage takes a hefty $2,000/month from your bank account.

Budgeting to afford cost of an AC

In comparison, $125/month doesn’t sound so bad for the luxury of comfort in your own home during the heat of the San Diego summer. After all, if you can’t sleep because you’re covered in sweat, then you’re performance at work suffers and you lose money, potentially more than that $125/month!

Making the cost of an A/C affordable

So what plans does Precision Temperature offer to San Diego county residents to make the cost of an A/C more affordable for YOU? Well I’m glad you asked.

Here are our top 4 plans that we have available as of the time of this writing. Be mindful that some plans are only offered for a limited time. Be sure to call us at 619-588-5321 for the latest information on our HVAC financing plans.

No Interest if Paid in Full in 6 Months

This is a great plan for the “Same as Cash” crowd that just need a few extra weeks or months to put the money together, but don’t want to (or can’t) wait on the repair or replacement.

This financing plan is available to any customer regardless of how much money you spend.

You could even use this plan on a $200 repair.

12 Months No Interest

This plan isn’t the most ideal plan, but it is an option if you think you need just a little bit longer than 6 months. After the 12-month mark, though, the interest rates are sky high and vary depending on the circumstances of the purchase.

7.99% APR for 84 Months

This financing plan is our lowest interest rate. While it doesn’t provide the best monthly payment, it does get you pretty close. It ensures you spend the least amount of money overall on your whole purchase on plans where you pay interest.

9.99% APR for 144 Months

Our next financing plan offers the lowest possible payment with a decent interest rate in the long-term. Of course, you can still pay it off early, but it’s the best option for those considering their monthly expenses.

And more…

These four options aren’t the only financing plans that we offer, they’re just the most popular. Feel free to call our office or speak with your comfort advisor for more information about our other options.

Wondering more about the cost of an A/C? Check out our A/C install case study.

Want a free A/C install estimate?

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