7 Reasons A/C Maintenance is Important

It’s that time of year again. It’s A/C maintenance season.

Winter is behind us and we’ve entered the period of mild weather that comes before the scorching Summer heat known as Spring.

Spring always looks a little funny here in Southern California with parts of San Diego County experiencing 40 degree fluctuations that see you need your furnace in the morning, but your A/C by mid-afternoon.

Some folks may choose to forego use of their A/C system until hotter temperatures arrive, but everyone should use this time to give their home’s most significant investment some love and care.

A/C Maintenance, sometimes called an A/C tune-up, is the process of inspecting and cleaning your A/C to make sure that it’s running at peak efficiency for the busy Summer season.

Whether you run your A/C for 6 months straight, or only use it intermittently a few weeks a year, here are a few reasons why A/C maintenance is important.

Why A/C Maintenance is important

1. A/C maintenance lowers your energy bills

The primary benefit of A/C maintenance and the #1 reason we think that a tune-up should be important to you is that it will lower your energy bills.

Periodic maintenance includes cleaning your A/C unit.

After months of sitting idle, dirt and debris will gather on the coil of your condenser (that’s the outdoor unit). This dirt prevents proper airflow through the and reduces the efficiency of the cooling process.

This results in your system working a little harder and the air taking longer to cool down within your home.

Both of these contribute to your A/C running longer than it should, costing you valuable dollars that didn’t need to be wasted.

Considering that the average family pays $500-$1,000 per year on their energy bill for A/C usage alone, an A/C maintenance that costs under $100 will pay for itself in savings.

See our special offers page for more information of A/C maintenance costs.

2. A/C maintenance leads to fewer breakdowns

The second reason why A/C maintenance is important is more of an unseen bonus, but benefits your wallet just the same as the first one.

In addition to your A/C not working as hard for the same result, A/C maintenance spots potential issues before they become major problems.

Our technicians are trained to check your entire A/C unit, making sure the voltages and pressures are where they need to be. They’ll make sure all the electrical connections are fastened securely and that everything is running as it should.

If we see any cause for concern, we’ll bring it to your attention. Replacing a rusted or failing part while we’re already on site is cheaper and more cost effective than waiting until your A/C breaks and dealing with a larger bill.

3. Increases the average lifespan of your A/C

By regularly cleaning your A/C and protecting it from costly breakdowns you’ll actually extend the life of your HVAC system.

If you waited until the engine of your car started smoking before addressing the oil light, your car won’t last very long.

When your system is able to operate efficiently, with a minimal amount of effort, it makes your system last longer.

My father in law insists that shoes are taken off in the doorway and that my boys don’t play with toys on his hardwood. Why? Because he wants to keep it in good condition so that it lasts longer.

Treat your A/C with the love and care it deserves, and it will last you for years to come.

4. A/C maintenance provides cleaner air

Part of the A/C tune up process is changing your air filter. Now, you could do this on your own any time that you like. You’ll just need to know how to access your air filter and what size you need.

Don’t want to hassle with it?

We replace your air filter for free as a complimentary part of our A/C maintenance visit. A clean air filter allows fresher air to pass through your system.

5. Increases air flow and faster cooling

Both the external cleaning and the air filter replacement contribute to this reason why A/C maintenance is important.

If you’ve noticed that the air coming out of your vents isn’t as strong as it used to be, or its taking a lot longer to cool than normal, you could benefit from A/C maintenance.

With a clean coil and a fresh air filter, air can flow more freely and efficiently, allowing your system to cool down your home quicker.

6. Reduces noise from the A/C

Is your A/C noisy? A/C maintenance isn’t the end all be all to this problem, but it can help. A clean coil means your unit doesn’t have to work as hard, meaning it won’t be as loud.

Am I sounding like a broken record here?

A/C maintenance is important for so many reasons and a reduced noise level is just another benefit from periodic cleaning.

At the very least, our technician will be able to spot the reason for the noise, be it a broken bolt or rusted fan motor, and address the issue with you so that we can bring peace and quiet back to your home.

A/C Maintenance San Diego County

7. It’s required to keep warranties valid

The last reason that A/C maintenance is important is a little less glamorous. There’s no direct benefit to your system or home, but it’s no less important.

Warranties are one of those things we don’t often think about. In fact, when a cashier tries to sell you on extended warranties, your first instinct might be to balk and turn it down.

The truth is, warranties are benefit that’s often forgotten until you really need it.

Most manufacturer’s offer a 10-year warranty on new A/Cs at no extra cost to you. But the fine print says that warranty is only valid if you do your part to make sure the system has it’s best shot and running efficiently.

Lack of care and A/C maintenance will void your warranty, potentially putting you out thousands of dollars if a replacement is needed from failure during the warranty period.

Just as new cars need regular oil changes for their warranties, so A/C maintenance is necessary for your new system.

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